Note: This wiki is now frozen; you can no longer edit it, and no interactive features work.

1. Contributing to the Wiki

You can edit any page by pressing the Edit text link at the bottom of the page. Because the Wiki has been repeatedly defaced by spammers, you must create an account and log in before you can edit any pages. You can do this via UserPreferences.

Capitalized words joined together form a WikiName, which hyperlinks to another page. The highlighted title searches for all pages that link to the current page. Pages which do not yet exist are linked in bold red: just follow the link to create that page. If you want to experiment before making changes, please use the WikiSandBox.

To learn more about what a Wiki is, read about [MoinMoin]WhyWikiWorks. Also, you can consult the [MoinMoin]WikiWikiWebFaq.

2. Contributing to the SpamBayes project

There's a whole bunch of things that you could do, starting with the non-technical:

For those with programming skills, there's even more you could help with, even without in-depth knowledge of the code. The code's pretty accessible, and developers are always glad to answer questions about how it all works. Here's a small list off the top of my head:

There are probably a dozen other things that I haven't thought of.

3. Contributing to the source code

If you have a bugfix or an enhancement to the SpamBayes source code, you should make a context diff against the current CVS trunk and submit it to the SourceForge patch manager via the [WWW]SpamBayes project page.