Note: This wiki is now frozen; you can no longer edit it, and no interactive features work.

The 1.1 release includes a great many changes from the 1.0.x releases. We would appreciate users testing as many of these changes as possible, and reporting the results back to (either success or any problems). Please be as detailed as possible when reporting problems, including detailing any error messages and attaching any log files.

1. New Applications

SpamBayes 1.1a4 contains a new application, If you are used to the POP3 proxy you will find the web interface to this new server very familiar. It differs in two ways though. First, it implements a simple plugin architecture to allow developers to (hopefully) easily add support for new communication protocols. Second, instead of supporting POP3 as the first protocol it supports XML-RPC. This should allow web applications such as Trac, MoinMoin and blogging servers to use SpamBayes' spam filtering capability. The first candidate client will be [WWW]Roundup which the Python developers are using as their new issue tracker. Please try it out and report any problems to the mailing list.

2. Experimental Options

SpamBayes 1.1a3 contains four new options which need testing (please let know how successful these are for you):

The first two of these can be tested by users of the Outlook plug-in, but at this point the latter two will have no effect for plug-in users unless they check out the code from CVS. Recent changes since the 1.1a3 release fix a number of problems on Windows. If Outlook users wish to try out the x-short_runs and/or x-lookup_ip options, they should open the "bayescustomize.ini" file in their application data directory (the "Advanced" tab of the SpamBayes Manager will find that for you) and add the lines:


Users of sb_server and/or sb_imapfilter can simply use the "Experimental Options" page via the web interface to enable any of these four options, as well as ones present in earlier SpamBayes versions.

3. Storage Types

        persistent_use_database:zodb -e -d "C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\SpamBayes\default_bayes_database.db" -f bayes.csv -i -f bayes.csv
            -o Storage:persistent_use_database:zodb
            -o "Storage:persistent_storage_file:C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\SpamBayes\default_bayes_database.fs"

4. Translations


5. Statistics

6. Outlook

7. sb_server

  1. In the web Configuration page, set SpamBayes to connect to port 995 of your mail server (e.g. instead of '' in the "Remote Servers" option, you have '').

  2. Manually add these lines to your configuration file:

  1. Restart sb_server.

8. sb_imapfilter