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Entrian Source Search

A Visual Studio add-in providing instant full-text search of your source code. Fast, powerful, flexible, unobtrusive. Learn more...

Latest version:1.8.4 (download)
Recent highlights: Support for VS 2022.
Fixes for mixed-DPI machines.
Bugfix for .NET 4.8.
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Entrian Source Search is one add-on I just simply can't live without. The syntax and features are easy to use and I am amazed out how fast and powerful it is. I deal with large, multi-project solutions and don't have the time to weed through the thousands of results returned by visual studio's built-in Find feature. Entrian Source Search should be in every developers list of must-have extensions.

– Scott Cottingham

Entrian Inline Watch

As you debug, Entrian Inline Watch displays the values of variables inline in your source code, updated live as you step through your code. Learn more...

Latest version:1.0.15 (download)
Recent highlights: Support for VS 2022.
Show a popup watch window for any expression.
Double-click a value to add a Watch.
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Entrian Attach

Automatically attach the Visual Studio debugger to any process as it starts, whenever and however it's started. Learn more...

Latest version:1.5.1 (download)
Recent highlights: Support for VS 2022.
Option to only attach to one instance of an executable.
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Attach the debugger automatically to processes the moment they start, however they're started. Services, web servers, DllMain, unit tests, setup custom actions, anything you like. Attachment happens directly on process creation, not by polling.