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The SpamBayes website is not very user friendly, partly because it was written by a bunch of programmers :) and partly because it hasn't kept up with the user base of SpamBayes. In the early days, SpamBayes was a research project, investigating how Bayesian techniques could best be used to classify email. These days it's an end-user spam filter (whether it's ready for it or not!)

The problems include:

There are a few things that are necessary, though, at least IMO (TonyMeyer):

This isn't an attack on the developers (I'm one of them!) but the website isn't our core focus.

This area of the Wiki (and by "this area" I mean any pages beginning with WebSite - feel free to add more pages - HowToContribute has details) is for the developers and users of SpamBayes to sketch out improvements to the SpamBayes website...