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Entrian Source Search

A Visual Studio add-in providing instant full-text search of your source code. Fast, powerful, flexible, unobtrusive. Learn more...

Latest version:1.5.2 Beta (download)
Recent highlights:Now supports Visual Studio 2015.
Now uses Opportunistic Locks to ensure no file conflicts.
F# syntax highlighting.
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I find Entrian really useful. It beats the built-in search for me because that's only fast for types and methods, and as a tester I'm usually more interested in bits of text such as error messages.

Also, our products are complex enough that not everything lives in C#, there's XML, powershell scripts, WiX config, custom build actions in the .csproj files... only a full-text search engine will do what I want.

– James G, UK

Entrian Attach

Automatically attach the Visual Studio debugger to any process as it starts, whenever and however it's started. Learn more...

Latest version:1.3.1 (download)
Recent highlights:Now supports Visual Studio 2015
Wildcard support: Attach to C:\MyDir\*.exe
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Attach the debugger automatically to processes the moment they start, however they're started. Services, web servers, DllMain, unit tests, setup custom actions, anything you like. Attachment happens directly on process creation, not by polling.