Note: This wiki is now frozen; you can no longer edit it, and no interactive features work.

1. The SpamBayes Wiki

The SpamBayes Wiki exists to let the users and developers of SpamBayes cooperate to develop documentation, share tips and recipes, and generally help each other out. The SpamBayes Wiki is maintained by RichieHindle.

1.1. How to edit the Wiki

Anyone can add or edit content here - see HowToContribute for an introduction. Because the Wiki has been repeatedly defaced by spammers, you must create an account and log in before you can edit any pages. You can do this via UserPreferences.

1.2. Where to start: SpamBayes Applications

SpamBayes comes in the form of a core engine and several applications - you should choose the application to use according to the way you receive your email:

1.3. More useful stuff

The SpamBayes Wiki is here to help people to share information about SpamBayes:

1.4. Stuff to try

Just about everyone has their own pet idea about what would make a good improvement to SpamBayes. Some people even have ideas about how the tokenizing (converting a message into bits) or classification could be better. There's a file in CVS called [WWW]NEWTRICKS.TXT that outlines some of these, but for those without write access to that, please feel free to suggest ideas here! (For example, we could generate a token for any token not in a dictionary).

If you want to try things out, grab 1.1a4 (the latest test alpha release), and TryOutThePreRelease changes.