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Entrian Source Search Online Manual

Entrian Source Search on the command line: ess.exe

ess.exe is the Entrian Source Search command line tool. You can use it to:

  • Create an index, specifying the root directories, inclusions, exclusions, etc.
  • Update an index by scanning for changed source files.
  • Update an index by watching the file system for changes in real time.
  • Search one or more indexes.
  • Unlock an index that's been left locked after a crash.
  • Detect and repair a corrupt index.

Usage-wise, let's allow ess.exe to speak for itself:

> ess.exe

Create a new index, for one or more root source directories:
  ess create <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\new.index (or -i=...) [required]
      -root=C:\path\to\my\code (or -r=...) [required] [can be repeated]
      -watch (or -w)
      -include=*.c,*.h (or -inc=...) [can be repeated]
      -exclude=*.xml;*.yaml (or -exc=...) [can be repeated]
      -ignoreglobalinclusions (or -igi)
      -ignoreglobalexclusions (or -ige)
      -log=log.txt (or -l=...)

Update an index: scan the code for changes; optionally wait for further changes:
  ess update <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\the.index (or -i=...) [required]
      -watch (or -w)
      -log=log.txt (or -l=...)

Search an index:
  ess search <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\the.index (or -i=...) [required] [can be repeated]
      -verbosity=1-100 (or -v=...)
      -fuzzy (or -f)
      -case (or -c)
      -log=log.txt (or -l=...)
      -showcount (or -s)

Unlock an index that's been left locked after a crash:
  ess unlock <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\the.index (or -i=...) [required]
      -log=log.txt (or -l=...)

Check whether an index is corrupt, and optionally fix it (can be slow!):
  ess check <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\the.index (or -i=...) [required]
      -fix (or -f)

Commands can be abbreviated: (c)reate, (up)date, (s)earch, (un)lock, (ch)eck


When you search using ess.exe, the results are nicely highlighed:

> ess search -index=C:\src\ess.index search * query ext:cs
C:\src\IM\EntrianSourceSearch\SearchForm.cs(765):         name = "Search query";
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(1491):                Hits hits = indexSearcher.Search(query);
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(2304):     indexSearcher.search(query, hits);
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(2962):     // Did they only enter filters and no search query?
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(3059):             int count = searcher.Search(query).Length();
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(3077):         int count = searcher.Search(query).Length();
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(3120):             searcher.Search(query, filter, hits);
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(3124):             searcher.Search(query, hits);
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\QueryParser.cs(211):     // an "Enter a search term as well as filter" error if the query has


ess.exe sets the errorlevel like this:

  • 0 for success; for the search command an errorlevel of 0 means that some results were found.
  • 1 for a search with no errors but no results.
  • 2 for errors.

Entrian Source Search makes Visual Studio faster and more productive to use.  Download it today and try it for yourself.