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Entrian Source Search Online Manual

Entrian Source Search on the command line: ess.exe

ess.exe is the Entrian Source Search command line tool. You can use it to:

  • Create an index, specifying the root directories, inclusions, exclusions, etc.
  • Update an index by scanning for changed source files.
  • Update an index by watching the file system for changes in real time.
  • Search one or more indexes.
  • Unlock an index that's been left locked after a crash.
  • Detect and repair a corrupt index.

Usage-wise, let's allow ess.exe to speak for itself:

> ess.exe

Create a new index, for one or more root source directories:
  ess create <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\new.index (or -i=...) [required]
      -root=C:\path\to\my\code (or -r=...) [required] [can be repeated]
      -watch (or -w)
      -include=*.c,*.h (or -inc=...) [can be repeated]
      -exclude=*.xml;*.yaml (or -exc=...) [can be repeated]
      -ignoreglobalinclusions (or -igi)
      -ignoreglobalexclusions (or -ige)
      -log=log.txt (or -l=...)

Update an index: scan the code for changes; optionally wait for further changes:
  ess update <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\the.index (or -i=...) [required]
      -watch (or -w)
      -log=log.txt (or -l=...)

Search an index:
  ess search <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\the.index (or -i=...) [required] [can be repeated]
      -verbosity=1-100 (or -v=...)
      -fuzzy (or -f)
      -case (or -c)
      -log=log.txt (or -l=...)

Unlock an index that's been left locked after a crash:
  ess unlock <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\the.index (or -i=...) [required]
      -log=log.txt (or -l=...)

Check whether an index is corrupt, and optionally fix it (can be slow!):
  ess check <switches>
    where <switches> are:
      -index=C:\path\to\the.index (or -i=...) [required]
      -fix (or -f)

Commands can be abbreviated: (c)reate, (up)date, (s)earch, (un)lock, (ch)eck


When you search using ess.exe, the results are nicely highlighed:

> ess search -index=C:\src\ess.index search * query ext:cs
C:\src\IM\EntrianSourceSearch\SearchForm.cs(765):         name = "Search query";
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(1491):                Hits hits = indexSearcher.Search(query);
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(2304):     indexSearcher.search(query, hits);
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(2962):     // Did they only enter filters and no search query?
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(3059):             int count = searcher.Search(query).Length();
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(3077):         int count = searcher.Search(query).Length();
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(3120):             searcher.Search(query, filter, hits);
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\Index.cs(3124):             searcher.Search(query, hits);
C:\src\IM\IndexCore\QueryParser.cs(211):     // an "Enter a search term as well as filter" error if the query has


Entrian Source Search makes Visual Studio faster and more productive to use.  Download it today and try it for yourself.