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is a powerful search plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio. It's the fastest way to search and navigate your source code.

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“I love Source Search - it really helps me to get a grasp on the large, multi developer, project I'm working on.”

– Casper K, Holland   
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Entrian Source Search Online Manual

Keyboard shortcuts

The main keyboard shortcuts are configurable - these are the defaults:

  • Alt+= takes the word under the cursor (or the selected text if there is any) and searches for it. If you've specified filters for a previous search (eg. ext:cpp) these will be left in place.
  • F8 jumps to the next hit, loading the source file into the editor.
  • Shift+F8 jumps to the previous hit.
  • Shift+Alt+F opens the Search box with a file: filter in place, ready to use autocomplete or wildcards to open a file by name. That's a really quick way to open any file in your source tree.
  • Shift+Alt+= just activates the Search box, ready for you to type.
  • Shift+Alt+Num * performs a substring search by taking the word under the cursor and adding leading and trailing asterisks, like *this*.

(Note: When we say F8 and Shift+F8, we actually mean "whatever keystrokes you have bound to Edit.GoToNextLocation and Edit.GoToPrevLocation".)

You can use Tools / Options / Keyboard to set up your own shortcut keys - type Entrian into the "Show commands containing" box to see the available commands.

Here are some more shortcuts; these are specific to the search box and/or the results list:

  • Shift+Alt+C in the Search box toggles Case sensitivity.
  • Shift+Alt+P in the Search box toggles Phrase searching.
  • Shift+Alt+L in the Search box toggles Loose phrases.
  • Shift+Alt+Z in the Search box toggles Fuzzy searching (because Shift+Alt+F opens a file: filter).
  • Delete in the results list removes the highlighted result from the list.
  • Ctrl+Delete in the results list removes all the results from the highlighted result's file.
  • Shift+Ctrl+Delete in the results list removes all the results from the highlighted result's folder.
  • Ctrl+Alt+C in the results list or the search box copies the result list to the clipboard (see also Right-Click / Export).
  • Ctrl+[ in the Search box takes you Back in your search history.
  • Ctrl+] in the Search box takes you Forward in your search history.
  • F2 in the Search box shows or hides the autocomplete list (but mostly you won't need this, because the list will pop down automatically as you type).
  • For Vim users that don't like to leave the home row: in the Search box, Ctrl+H and Ctrl+L move through the history, and Ctrl+J and Ctrl+K move through the autocomplete list.
  • Down Arrow in the Search box takes you down into the results.
  • Up Arrow in the first result takes up back up into the Search box.
  • Escape in the Search box puts you back into the source editor window.

Entrian Source Search makes Visual Studio faster and more productive to use.  Download it today and try it for yourself.