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Entrian Source Search 1.3.14

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 by Richie Hindle

I’m very pleased to announce Entrian Source Search 1.3.14, which fixes the following issues:

  • Using your text editor font for the search results no longer suffers a resource leak (thanks, Mark)
  • Index optimization now never happens when you’re using your PC, but instead waits until there’s been no mouse or keyboard activity for at least five minutes (thanks, Anton)
  • The Verbosity slider is now effectively unlimited, allowing your search results to take up the full width of the screen (thanks, Stoney and Pierre-Olivier)
  • In Visual Studio 2010, hitting the Alt+= hotkey now puts the focus into the search box even if the Entrian Source Search window wasn’t previously visible (thanks, Christian).

As always, there’s a 30-individual-day trial for new users, and the upgrade is free for existing users.

You can download this latest release from the Download page.