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Entrian Source Search 1.7.14: Fixes for OutOfMemoryException

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 by Richie Hindle

I’m pleased to announce the release of Entrian Source Search 1.7.14, which should no longer crash when it encounters an OutOfMemoryException when searching.

1.7.13 fixed this for the indexing process, and 1.7.14 fixes it for searching.  Visual Studio is a 32-bit process, and uses up memory like it’s going out of fashion.  If you happen to be using Source Search at the point that the address space runs out, it now tries to report that sensibly rather than displaying its crash dialog.

1.7.14 also includes a couple of other tweaks:

  • The default root folder when you use Open Folder is now the folder you’ve opened, not its parent.
  • Source Search gives up searching when it reaches one million hits; that now happens earlier in the searching process, so you get your million hits more quickly.  🙂

You can download this new release from the download page or from the Visual Studio Marketplace.