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Entrian Source Search 1.4.10: Search by modification time, and more

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 by Richie Hindle

I’m pleased to announce Entrian Source Search 1.4.10, including these features and fixes:

  • You can now filter on the age of files, for instance to pick up only files modified within the past two hours: age:2h. The units are m for minutes, h for hours, and d for days. You can combine the units to say things like age:3d12h.  Thanks, Pros and others.
  • New command Shift+Alt+F opens the Search box with a file: filter in place, ready to use autocomplete or wildcards to find files by name. That’s a really quick way to open any file in your source tree.
  • Added Vim-familiar keys for navigating history (Ctrl+H, Ctrl+L) and autocomplete (Ctrl+J and Ctrl+K) from within the Search box.  Thanks, Reva.
  • Trying to query for words that are within five billion tokens of each other via the query loose5000000000:”some words” no longer crashes (but kudos for trying, the anonymous user whose crash report revealed that bug!)
  • Fixed a recently-introduced bug whereby saving a file could cause Source Search to scan all the files in that directory, rather than just re-indexing that one file.
  • Fixed a conflict with Red Gate’s “.NET Demon” which could make Visual Studio hang on loading a solution.  Thanks, James.
  • Pathnames between 255 and 260 characters long no longer cause a crash.  Thanks, Alex.
  • The ‘Indexing’ label now only says ‘Indexing’ when it’s actually found something new or changed to   index.  When it’s just scanning for changes, it says ‘Scanning’.  Thanks, Dan.
  • Added a ‘Report a bug / Suggest a feature’ command to the ‘More…’ menu.

Existing users should note that upgrading to 1.4.10 will rescan all your files, in order to pick up the modification times for age filtering.  Until that process is complete, an age filter will return partial results with a warning.  Everything else will work as normal.