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Inline Watch 1.0.1: A boatload of bugfixes

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 by Richie Hindle

I’ve just released Entrian Inline Watch 1.0.1, which fixes the following bugs:

  • Values for long strings no longer sometimes gain an extra double-quote character.  Thanks, Martin.
  • Where a debugger uses backticks in 64-bit addresses (like the WndDBG engine does) Inline Watch no longer only sees the part before the first backtick.
  • Values are now displayed for array lookups that use an expression for the array suffix, eg. a[i+1].  Thanks, Martin.
  • Fixed a crash when Visual Studio gets into a state where it can’t access the debuggee’s call stack.  Thanks, Fred.
  • Where an accessor or array expression is followed by a semicolon or a comma (like.this();) the value is now displayed in the right place, rather than after the semicolon.  Thanks, Martin.
  • Values containing ampersands are now wide enough (gee thanks, TextRenderer.MeasureText()).
  • Redundant values are no longer shown for enum constants, eg. MyEnum.AValue AValue.  Thanks, Martin C.
  • Showing a popup for a very long string (like, into the megabytes) no longer hangs Visual Studio for a few seconds – super-long strings are truncated (with an annotation to tell you it’s happened) in the popup.  Thanks, Jools.
  • Popups for long strings no longer fall off the bottom of the screen, and popups remember their positions properly in High DPI mode.  Thanks, Martin.

This new release is available from the download page or the gallery.