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New product: Entrian Attach: Automatically attach the debugger to processes as they start

Friday, April 19th, 2013 by Richie Hindle

ScreenshotI’m excited to announce Entrian’s new product: Entrian Attach!

Entrian Attach automatically attaches the Visual Studio debugger  to processes the moment they start, however they’re started.

Use it to debug services, web servers, code in DllMain, unit tests, setup custom actions, whatever you like.  It works for both native and managed code.

The debugger attaches as the process is created, not on a polling timer, so you get control right from the very first instruction.

You can use it to debug into child processes as well, and control whether to attach only to immediate children or to grandchild processes.

Entrian Attach knows about web servers, and you can configure it to attach to IIS or IIS Express only for certain web sites or application pools.

It supports conditional attachment for any process, according to the process’s user and/or command line.

And finally it has an “Attach Now” command to attach directly to interesting running processes, to save you digging around in Visual Studio’s Attach to Process dialog.

And finally finally, it comes with a built-in five-minute tutorial to walk you through all the features.

Download it today and give it a spin!  The Beta is free but time-limited.  The final version will cost $29 per developer.