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Entrian Inline Watch 1.0 RC

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 by Richie Hindle

I’m excited to announce Entrian Inline Watch 1.0 RC:

  • You can now specify an alternative object display format for popup windows, which can contain newlines (using \n).  This goes in an optional third column in the Object Display rules, and lets you do this sort of thing:

  • You can now use a conditional operator with string values in an object display format, eg. Overdrawn: {balance < 0 ? "Yes" : "No"} (thanks, Martin).
  • Referencing a non-existent member in an accessor display rule no longer causes a crash (thanks, Martin).
  • Popups are now high contrast in high contrast mode.

This is the first non-Beta release of Entrian Inline Watch, meaning that the “Free during Beta”period has ended.  You now get a free trial period of 30 individual days of usage, then you need to buy a license for $29 (or $24 with volume discount).

Should you feel the need to rush off and buy a license right now, the Entrian Inline Watch Online Store is open for business.  🙂

You can download 1.0 RC from the download page or the gallery.