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Entrian Attach 1.3.4: Bugfix for console control events

Sunday, November 27th, 2016 by Richie Hindle

I’m happy to announce Entrian Attach 1.3.4, with two bugfixes:

  • Console control events no longer cause the shim process (which sits between a debuggee and its parent) to exit.  Previously, if the parent checked whether the debuggee was still alive, and the debuggee’s console had been sent a console control event which it had ignored, the parent would think that the debuggee had died because the shim had died.  Now, only the death of the debuggee will cause the shim to die.  Thanks, Jools.
  • You can no longer resize the Conditions dialog smaller than its default size, making the OK and Cancel buttons disappear behind the other controls.  Thanks, Jools.

You can download the new release from the download page or the gallery.

Entrian Source Search 1.6.4: ‘Work like grep’; better memory usage

Sunday, November 27th, 2016 by Richie Hindle

I’m very happy to announce Entrian Source Search 1.6.4, with two new features:

  • ‘Work like grep’ shows one result line per source line, rather than one result line per match (note that stepping though the results still steps through every match).  Thanks, Chris and Jools.
  • You can now do a ‘Delete word backwards’ in the search box using Ctrl+Backspace.  Thanks, Ben.

…and two bugfixes:

  • Source Search is now ready to use as soon as Visual Studio loads the solution, rather than waiting until all the projects are loaded.  Thanks, Ernie.
  • Reduced excessive memory usage caused by queuing up too many files for indexing.  The thread that walks your source tree queuing up files to index now waits for the indexing thread to catch up a bit, rather than building an indefinitely-long queue.  Also reduced memory usage by automatically excluding more known-binary file types without opening them, and excluding them earlier in the process so that they don’t take up space in the queue.  Thanks, Fred.

Existing users should note that upgrading to 1.6.4 will rescan all your files, in order to index the line breaks for ‘work like grep’.  Until that process is complete, Source Search won’t ‘work like grep’, and will display a warning explaining that the update is incomplete.

You can download the new release from the download page or the gallery.

Entrian Inline Watch 1.0.3: Fixes for Just My Code and saving settings.

Saturday, November 26th, 2016 by Richie Hindle

I’m pleased to announce Entrian Inline Watch 1.0.3, which fixes three bugs:

  • For some users, changing the settings and OK’ing the settings dialog would fail to save the new settings after the first time.  Thanks, Miha and Jordan.
  • When debugging with Just My Code enabled, visiting a stack frame other than the top one could display values for a frame above or below the one you were actually looking at.  Thanks, Chris.
  • Displaying a long string value containing the substring $& could cause Inline Watch to hang.

This new release is available from the download page or the gallery.