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Entrian Source Search 1.2.2 is now available

Thursday, February 19th, 2009 by

1.2.2 comes with these enhancements:

  • Search results for .rc, .rc2 and .manifest files are now syntax highlighted.
  • Hits in files with very long lines (many thousands of characters) now display properly in the search results.
  • The “Share another solution’s index” menu now puts the solution for which an index was created above those that are sharing it (thanks, Dan).
  • If you have two Visual Studios running when your trial period expires, and you buy a license key and paste the key into one of them, the other will automatically pick up the new key (thanks, Andrew).
  • When an unquoted phrase ends with punctuation then an asterisk, eg. ClassName::*, Source Search no longer searches for a literal asterisk but instead does what you almost certainly meant.  You need to double-quote the phrase to really search for asterisks.  (Thanks, Dan.)
  • Fixed a bug whereby Source Search could crash if another process had an exclusive lock on a directory that Source Search wanted to index (thanks, Sebastian).
  • Fixed a bug when trying to connect to a deleted index (thanks, Dan).
  • Fixed a bug whereby a file could be added to the index twice, and cause a crash when it appeared in the search results (thanks, Dan).
  • Multi-megabyte source files no longer take huge amounts of RAM to index (thanks, Roel).
  • Source Search now copes better if your PC runs out of disk space.

Download from the usual place.

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