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Entrian Source Search 1.4.13: Automatic phrase search

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 by

I’m delighted to announce Entrian Source Search 1.4.13, with two new features:

  • Automatic phrase search.  You’re no longer required to use double quotes to search for phrases – by checking the new “Phrase Search” option on the toolbar, a search for One Two (without quotes) will search for the phrase One Two rather than searching for all the Ones and all the Twos:

    Thanks, Ondřej, Metodi, Matthew and others.
  • Control over the default Looseness of a Loose search.  Previously, checking the Loose Phrases button would search for matches within ten tokens of each other – you can now control that via More / Options. (And you can still control it per-search using a query like loose50:”One Two”.)  Thanks, Ondřej.

Automatic phrase search is now the default for new installations, but upgrading an existing installation won’t enable it.

You can download this latest release from the Download page.

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