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Entrian Source Search 1.7.15: Saved tabs and history, trim leading whitespace, lots of bugfixes

Saturday, May 19th, 2018 by

I’m pleased to announce Entrian Source Search 1.7.15, with these fixes and features:

  • Your tabs, search history, etc. are now saved and restored between sessions.  Thanks, Boris.
  • You can now choose to trim any leading whitespace from the lines in the results list.  Thanks, Ernie.
  • You can once again use a UNC path as an index root.  Thanks, Allen and Brady.
  • When using a High DPI display mode, Source Search dialogs containing multiline text boxes no longer suffers from layout glitches.  Thanks, Yash.
  • Searching using a wildcard in a filename, eg. [file:jquery.*.js] now returns all the results, rather than missing out a seemingly random subset of them.  Thanks, Jools.
  • Wildcards in filename filters now behave more as you’d expect: prefixed wildcards (eg. j*) in filenames can now match more than one token rather than just one, so [file:j*.js] matches jquery-ui.min.js as well as jquery.js.  Thanks, Jools.
  • After a crash disables Source Search, triggering it again now asks whether you want to re-enable it, rather then telling you to use the “More / Enable…” command to do so.  The problem with old message was that if the Source Search window wasn’t visible, there was no way to get to that “”More / Enable…” command.  Thanks, Walter.
  • When you resize the Visual Studio window during a search, so that the Search box changes size, the spinner now maintains its position at the right-hand end of the search box.  Thanks, Jools.
  • The ‘Show only filename/folder’ and ‘Don’t show filename/folder’ commands now work properly with filenames and folders that contain spaces.  Thanks, Avraham.
  • In C-family languages, if you have source file with an unclosed string, the syntax highlighting now recovers rather than highligting the whole of the rest of the file as a string.
  • Using a text filter (This +That, meaing ‘search for This in files containing That’) for an index with a directory mapping now works properly.  Thanks, Huy.
  • In the dark theme, the results list header now has visible separators between the columns.  Thanks, Jools.
  • Source Search no longer fails on startup when the ANSI codepage is set to UTF-8.  Thanks, Justin.
  • Single tokens that are many hundreds of characters long no longer cause rendering glitches in the autocomplete dropdown.  Thanks, Sam.
  • Alt+= on a Lisp symbol in a .dc or .dcx file now searches for the whole symbol.  Thanks, Jonathan.
  • The Source Search installer no longer has a dependency on MSVCP140.dll, which isn’t present on all developer PCs.  Thanks, Derrick.

You can download this new release from the download page or from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

7 Responses to “Entrian Source Search 1.7.15: Saved tabs and history, trim leading whitespace, lots of bugfixes”

  1. jia li Says:

    any plans on make a plugin for Jetbrains Rider?
    since I see there is a console mode.

  2. Richie Hindle Says:

    No immediate plans I’m afraid, no, but thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Chris Hynes Says:

    How about a plugin for VS Code? :-P

  4. Richie Hindle Says:

    Hi Chris,

    That’s on the long-term radar, but as you can imagine it’s not a small job!

  5. Chris Hynes Says:

    Yes, I can imagine! I have been contemplating using VS Code more because VS proper is often slow when working with Razor pages.

    But TBH I am addicted to Alt + = to find stuff instantly and I can’t make the switch without having it ;-)

  6. Fernando Says:

    Hi, we use Entrian in the company I work, is there a way to search in the Entrian results as we do in the default VS Find? if not, is it planned to happen in the future? Thank

  7. Richie Says:

    Hi Fernando,

    Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, that’s planned for a future release, but I can’t promise a date for it.


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