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Entrian Source Search 1.7.3: General usability enhancements

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 by

I’m very pleased to announce Entrian Source Search 1.7.3, with this pile of fixes and features:

  • Where your query matches only one result, it’s now optional whether to automatically open that result.  You can control this independently for text searches and for filter-only searches like file:renderer.  Thanks, Peter.
  • The way the history works is improved.  Search for A then B then C, go Back, Back, Search (for A), search for D, then go Back.  You now see A rather than C.  Previously, every time you searched for something new, it then took longer and longer to return to A, B, etc.  Now, searches that come from the history are promoted to the end.  (But note that going Back, Search, Back, Search, Back, Search will still go C, B, A.)  Thanks, Chris.
  • Source Search now copes better when it hits an unexpected file system exception.  These can be caused by (for example) network drives going offline, shared indexes being deleted, or indexes being corrupted by Visual Studio crashes or power failures.  Previously, these situations could make Source Search crash.  Now, you’re asked whether to ignore the error and continue (maybe because a network share went away for a moment and is now back again), temporarily disable Source Search, or send in a crash report:
  • You can now re-enable Source Search after a crash, without restarting Visual Studio, using the “More / Enable…” command.
  • Fixed a crash when the option to “Work like grep: show one result line per source line” is enabled and there are multiple overlapping results on a single line (eg. searching for a.a where the source contains a.a.a).
  • Source Search once again works on machines with FIPS compliance enabled.  (Deja vu? Yes, I fixed this in January 2013, but it crept back in).
  • Improved memory usage, reducing the chances of an OutOfMemoryException.  Thanks, Fred.

As always, the upgrade is available for free to all licensed users, and as a 30-individual-day trial for everyone else.  You can download it from the download page or the gallery.

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