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Entrian Source Search 1.7.4: Multi-token wildcards; query and result coloring

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 by

I’m very pleased to announce Entrian Source Search 1.7.4, which comes with a pile of cool new features:

  • Multi-token wildcards.  There are now three kinds of wildcards:
    1. Single-token wildcard: wild* – the asterisk is next to an alphanumeric character, and expands to a single token, eg. wild, wildcard, wilderness. Asterisks in a single-token wildcard can appear *any*where* in the word. (Source Search has supported this type of wildcard since 2008.)
    2. Single-line multi-token wildcard: this * that – the asterisk is on its own, and matches any number of tokens on the same line.
    3. Multi-line multi-token wildcard: this *:10 that – rather than being limited to a single line, these wildcards are explicitly limited to a number of tokens, and can span multiple lines.

    Here’s how you might find all the std::vectors concerning selections:

    Thanks, Chris and Vincent.

  • Query syntax coloring, and results coloring: in the Search box, positive filters are now shown in green text, negative filters are shown in red text, and multiple search phrases are shown with different colored backgrounds with matching colors in the results list.

    Here’s how you might find the places where your Python code uses a list or a dict as the default value for a function parameter:

    Thanks, Chris.

  • In the results list, the line numbers for lines with multiple matches (via the “Work like grep” option) now tell you how many matches there are on the line:
  • Source Search now displays syntax highlighting for both Python and PHP source files in the results list.  Thanks, Patrice.(Note: Python and PHP syntax coloring will only be present after the relevant files are re-indexed; that will happen automatically when you start up this version of Source Search.)
  • The Ctrl+Alt+C shortcut key in the results list or the search box copies the result list to the clipboard as text.  Thanks, Anders.
  • Ctrl+Del in the Search box does delete-word-forward.  Thanks, Dylan.
  • The existing Ctrl+H and Ctrl+L shortcuts for History Back and History Forward now appear in the tooltips.  Thanks, Martin.
  • The match-highlight background rectangles in the results list no longer escape their bounds and paint over the other columns when “Work like grep” is enabled and the results list is narrow.

You can download this new version from the download page or the gallery.


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