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Entrian Source Search 1.4.8: Loose search, wildcards in quoted phrases

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 by
  • New feature: Loose search, which searches for matches near to each other rather than for exact phrases:
    The default behaviour for loose:”some phrase” is to allow up to ten tokens between the matches, but you can tune that: loose100:”some phrase” allows 100 tokens between the matches.  The terms don’t have to appear on the same line for matches to be found, nor do they need to appear in the order you give them.  Thanks, Rory and Darker.
  • You can now use wildcards in quoted phrases:

    And of course you can combine these two features to do a loose search for wildcards.
  • Breaking change: To escape an asterisk, eg. to search for char*, putting it in quotes no longer works (because wildcards now work in quoted phrases).  You need to escape it with a backslash: char\* or quote it and add a space: “char *” (which will still find char*).
  • The “Partial results” warning, which has always appeared during the initial build of an index, now also appears when you add a new root directory.  Thanks, Jason.
  • Fixed a very rare (like, once ever) shutdown crash (AccessViolationException).
  • Adding a root directory for which you don’t have read permission no longer crashes.  Thanks, Jean-François.
  • The “Licensed to” text no longer overlaps the “Hit” label when your window is very narrow.
  • Source Search now works on PCs with FIPS Compliance enabled.


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