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Entrian Source Search 1.3.2: Out Of Memory errors and window positioning

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 by

This release sees two enhancements:

  • The window position is once again remembered properly between sessions.  (This was partially broken in 1.3.0, because of changes needed for Visual Studio 2010, but should now work properly on all versions.)
  • If a search returns so many hits that it runs out of memory, you now get a sensible error message rather than a crash:
    The "Out of memory" message

If you’re getting Out Of Memory errors when searching, you might be using the wrong search syntax.  Searching for this:

  x = 1

(with spaces around the equals sign) will actually search for all the x‘s, all the = signs, and all the 1‘s in your code!  You need to either use a quoted phrase:

  "x = 1"

or simply omit the spaces:


Spaces are ignored when searching, so searching for x=1 (without spaces) will find x = 1 (with spaces).

As usual, you can download this latest release from the download page.

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