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Don’t Wreck My PC! – What to call the saved s?

Friday, June 13th, 2008 by

Don’t Wreck My PC! puts a click-proof barrier across the screen, then lets you cut holes in it with the mouse. Your kids can click through the holes, but not elsewhere. It lets you save the way you’ve cut those holes for the next time you let your kids do whatever they’re doing.

A question: when you save, what should I call the thing you save? In Excel it would be a “workbook”. In Word, a “document”. But what about here? I have my own idea, but maybe someone can come up with something better? Here’s how the UI looks for that step (screenshot slightly shrunk):


9 Responses to “Don’t Wreck My PC! – What to call the saved s?”

  1. Juddster Says:

    A template or maybe a stencil?

  2. Cade Roux Says:

    Template, overlay, dropcloth, shield, cover

  3. Ray Says:

    Screen or shield

  4. ColinM Says:

    Template was my initial reaction. But maybe Map? Or maybe not 🙂

  5. Bracken Says:

    I like stencil and shield the most out of the ones listed. Cover fits well as well.

  6. MikeC Says:


  7. Richie Hindle Says:

    Thanks for all the ideas! My thought was “layout”, with “template” a close second.

  8. LorenC Says:

    I like template…

  9. Richie Hindle Says:

    And the winner is… Template!

    Many thanks for all the suggestions. 🙂