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Full support for Visual Studio 2019

Monday, April 1st, 2019 by

I’m pleased to announce new versions of Entrian Source Search, Entrian Attach, and Entrian Inline Watch, all of which now fully support Visual Studio 2019.

Full support for Visual Studio 2019 means that all three extensions use background loading, so they won’t necessarily load as soon as Visual Studio loads, or as soon as your solution loads.  They will load as soon as you trigger one of their commands, but otherwise there can be a few seconds’ delay, before Source Search starts indexing, or before Attach will attach to newly started processes.  Neither you nor I get any control over this, I’m afraid.

As well as support for Visual Studio 2019, these releases include the following fixes and features:

Entrian Source Search:

  • You can no longer close a locked tab; you need to unlock it first.  Thanks, Mary.
  • Closing a tab that was restored from a previous session now closes the correct tab rather than some other one.  Thanks, Marius.
  • Fixed a crash when you start a search, right-click in the results before they update, then click a menu command after they update.  Thanks, Jools.
  • Fixed a bogus occasional ‘Error saving settings; Retry?’ message.  Thanks Brett.

Entrian Attach:

  • No longer fails to work if you have a file called ‘C:\Program’ on your C drive.  Don’t do that, by the way.
  • Installation now works properly if you have an instance of Visual Studio that only includes the build tools, as well as a full instance.  Thanks, Vlad.


Here are the new releases:

Entrian Source Search 1.7.17: DownloadMarketplace

Entrian Attach 1.4.7: DownloadMarketplace

Entrian Inline Watch 1.0.10: DownloadMarketplace


4 Responses to “Full support for Visual Studio 2019”

  1. Christian Hinkamp Says:

    Since the Visual Studio 2019 update to version 16.1.0 from May 21th the Entrian Source Search window doesn’t open correctly.
    The source search window has a normal header but the content is complete transparent.
    Maybe it’s relevant that I have two monitors with different resolutions attached because in the release notes of VS it says “We have added Per-Monitor Awareness support.”

  2. Richie Says:

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for this – I’m working on it now. I believe this is a breakage in .NET Framework 4.8 – the combination of that and Visual Studio 2019 is broken.

    I’m trying to come up with a workaround, and/or a reproducible case so I can report it to Microsoft. I’ll update here when I have something that works.

  3. Christian Hinkamp Says:

    Entrian Source Search 1.7.18 solved the problem. Thanks for your fast fix!

  4. Richie Says:

    Great – thanks for letting me know!