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Entrian Inline Watch 0.9.12 Beta: Popups and recursive formatting rules

Monday, February 15th, 2016 by
I’m very pleased to annnounce Entrian Inline Watch 0.9.12, with these new features:
  • Hovering over a displayed value now displays a popup showing more information:

    For integers, it shows the value in decimal, hex, octal(*) and binary.  For other types (including strings) it shows the full non-truncated value. You can pin those popups, so that they reappear when you re-enter their scope. They’re not constrained to the Visual Studio window, so you can pin them wherever you like, including on a different monitor. 

    (*) Because you’re debugging a PDP-8 using Nixie tubes, right?

  • Both object formatting rules and accessor function rules now look up further formatting rules for the members they’re rendering, so if you have a rule for member m_x of type X, and a rule for type X, m_x will be formatted according to the rule for type X.  Thanks, Martin.
  • You can now refer to the object itself in a format rule, by using an underscore. For example, to display HWNDs as plain hex, you can create a rule to display HWND__ as {(void*)&_}.  Thanks, Martin.

This new release is available from the download page or the gallery.

(Update: 0.9.13 fixes a bug in the Pinned Popups feature, which now might actually work. 🙂 )

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